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     Education to Citizenship

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The context of the “Education to Citizenship” project is the need to develop and consolidate civic education tools for adults. Available data show a low level of civic education in high schools, but what is even more alarming is that, according to research, Poles do not sustain their civic engagement after the age of 25. A diagnosis created on the basis of interviews with civically engaged people showed that one of the barriers is the small educational offer for adults, as well as its poor quality and low attractiveness. The experience of teaching institutions shows that innovative tools and their form are important in the acquisition of knowledge, especially among adults. To meet these expectations, the Social Thing Foundation and its partners will create a number of attractive tools for adult civic education.

Key activities

Curriculum for adult educators 
The project plans to conduct courses for civic educators at two levels: basic and advanced. The trainings will be organized and conducted by the Social Thing Foundation and the Stanislaw Brzozowski Association. A study visit to a partner from Norway is also planned.

Educational game
The project will develop an innovative educational game (social simulation). The use of tools of this type is still rare in education in Poland. Simulations are superior to passive methods of lectures, as they allow not only to impart specific knowledge to participating players, but also to learn about other perspectives and worldviews, and to test themselves in a specific situation, and to look ahead, observing the long-term consequences of their actions. In the course of the project, the participants, will play the game and learn how to carry it out in workshops for their organizations and communities outside the project. 

We plan to create a manual for civic education. The manual will be dedicated to civic activism through community organizing tools. It will contain the history of the method’s origin in the US and Europe, a description of the methodology of community organizing, case studies of campaigns implemented in the US, Europe and Poland, exercises that allow for effective civic education through community organizing, and links to sources to deepen one’s knowledge.

Dissemination activities

The purpose of the events organized by the Social River Foundation, the Center for Systemic Solutions and the Stanislaw Brzozowski Association will be to disseminate the results of the project: the course program, the educational game, and the manual. Participants in the event will be civic educators working or planning to work with communities.

More information about the project

Magdalena Kuczowic
Phone: +48 696 221 429

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