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Water, Waste Water, Waste, and Circular Economy (WWW&CE)

Den grønne fagskolen


Norways green vocational school  - Vea is an environmental certified vocational school . This means that the school contributes to a more environmentally  and climate friendly  society . Work has been done to comply with the UNs 17 sustainability goals both in he operation of the school and teaching. Harry Bjerkeng and Nordisk Håndverksforum, Nordic Forum of Crafts, er partnere i prosjektet som har sertifisert Vea som grønn fagskole. Read more

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“SKOCKANO – quality standard of civil society organisations

Partnership for the development of social entrepreneurship

Volunteer Group

“Participatory female leaders”

Phronesis is a partner in the project: “Development of the curriculum for the training programme “Participatory female leaders (supported by Norwegian know-how)”. The leading organisation is the Dialogue Centre, established in 2018 in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Susan Morales Guerra and Kirsten Paaby is the two experts from Phronesis involved in the project


Through the partnership we will develop a curriculum for the training programme that would focus on building capacities of female leaders in the area of participatory leadership to support the development of active and resilient society in Slovakia as well as to support the empowerment and active citizenship of women. The purpose of the project is also to build the relationship with Phronsis as the partner organisation from Norway with the view of long-term cooperation in developing and delivering proposed training programme ““Participatory female leaders”.


Two main areas of project’s concern are participatory and female leadership. Nowadays, the society struggles with many complex challenges worldwide as well as in Slovakia (e.g. COVID-19, sustainable development, climate change, reform and innovative challenges, erosion of democratic values, etc.). The very promising mean of dealing with such issues appears to be the socalled “participatory leadership” approach that originates among other in the Art of Hosting.


For more information about the project:

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Water, Waste Water, Waste, and Circular Economy (WWW&CE)

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Members of the association are more than 50 Business and Crafts organisations and 20 Universities from 14 countries.


  • Support of the small and medium-sized economy and the skilled crafts, in particular all transnational activities and international cooperations

  • Lead partner of European development projects.

  • Research and qualification projects for the benefit of SMEs

  • Promotion of the vocational training, excellent education of businessmen and executives of the medium-sized economy in form of dual bachelor studies as well as further training

  • Furtherance of the economic and cultural development in the Baltic Sea Region as well as support of the experience exchange and a cooperation orientated on regional strengths.

One of these projects, Management and Technologies of Water, Waste Water, Waste and Circular Economy, shortened  WWW&CE, initiated in 2019, aims at improving qualifications of young craftspeople and specialists, including managers of SMEs to handle effects of climate changes on  water, waste water, waste in circular economy context.

The Nordic Forum of Crafts, managed by Harry Bjerkeng, has, in cooperation with relevant crafts federations in Norway and with the Green Vocational School Vea, successfully introduced the educational scheme in Norway.

See video and introduction below:

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